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Business Idea

To leverage the power of high quality open source software in order to provide business-supporting it-development and consultancy services


Roland Hedayat (M.Sc. Computer Science, University of Uppsala) works as independent contractor since 21 years, and has worked with IT since 30 years.

Multiple long running assignments within health care IT, providing integration solutions between EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems, exchange of information between EHRs as well as issues related to infrastructure and architecture. Recent assignments have focused on development and delivery of process based support for public e-services and for municipal business support systems.

Network of knowledge based consultancies

Inherit S AB is an IT consultancy founded in 1994. We network with other consultancies and independent contractors with competence within relevant domains. We can thus create a "virtual project organization" where one of the partners assume the role as contracting front with the juridical supplier responsibility. The other companies are jointly liable to each other and to the fronting company. Thus, a flexible project organization can be created on demand.


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