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Flexible IT calls for the Source

A core property of software is its degree of changeability: Continuous changes of business processes represent the normal case of a dynamic organization, and such changes trigger corresponding changes of supporting IT systems, and vice versa. Systems with poor "change tolerance" will progressively become a burden for the business.

For a certain class of changes, modifications of the system configuration will suffice. Those are changes that are anticipated during system design and implementation. However, such "clairvoyance" is frequently not the case, in which case changes in the software itself is required, i.e. access to the source code is required. Open source systems provide access to the source code per definition.

Open Source

The Advantage of Openness

The smart company migrates to open source IT-solutions because:

  • Increased Changeability
  • Increased "future safety": Openness  transparency  competition  reduced lock-in
  • Uses real, i.e. open standards
  • Collaboration and re-use  Cost efficiency and quality

Our Offer

We offer Open Source centered development services, in particular, selection of appropriate components, as well as of integration and development based upon them. We offer the following support and services

  • Pre-studies and Reports
  • Migration to open solutions
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • System development
  • Process development
  • Architecture